Research and Publications

ACSTI undertakes research work on co-operatives. The Centre for Development in Thiruvananthapuram is renowned for its research work on Poverty and Health. Field-based theoretical and analytical studies, and disseminating the same through various publications are the main focus. Besides this, it also functions as a source of published and unpublished material generated from research studies which would be used as reading material in classroom teaching. It conducts studies to various Ministries of the Government of Kerala, Government of India and Commodity Co-operative Federations and works as a profit centre as well. For funding purposes, the faculty of the centre prepares research proposals and interact with donor agencies.

Thrust areas of research are:

-    Re-engineering and restructuring of various sectoral and functional cooperatives (these would include credit (short term and long term), dairying, poultry, horticulture, handlooms, spinning, handicrafts, housing, spices, etc.)

-    Impact of various sectoral and functional cooperatives on the generation of income, unemployment to rural masses

-    Factors responsible for sustainability and profitability of various cooperatives 

-    Cooperative governance

-    Cooperative social responsibility

-    Scope for new generation cooperatives and their impact

-    Documentation of successful case studies and factors thereof

-    Documentation of national and international best cooperative practices

-    Regulatory and supervisory issues hindering the growth of cooperatives

-    Comparative study of cooperative companies vis-à-vis, traditional cooperatives organized under various state acts

-    Structural and organizational aspects of various cooperatives

-    Identification, formulation, appraisal, monitoring, and evaluation of  Agri-based projects

-    Methodologies for the empowerment of women & youth


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