The Consultancy of ACSTI carries out diverse consultancy assignments. We aspire to develop the administration and governance of cooperatives and put effort to establish their enduring sustainability. 

The consultancy wing of ACSTI will provide guidance and advice for the following subjects:


•    Extension of branches of banks

•    To guide development planners, policy makers, government, client institutions etc. and perform as a resource centre

•    Simplification of circular instructions, directives and guidelines from governments, registrars of co-operative societies, NABARD, RBI etc. and provide client institutions to enable them

•    Preparation of various types of policies of the bank as advised by RBI

•    Improving the profitability of banks

•    Appraisal loan proposals

•    Analysis of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements for banks/branches

•    Expansion and Diversification of Business

•    Preparation of Business Models for the turnaround of Banks

•    Advice relating to Income Tax and Sales Tax

•    Preparation of  Development Action Plan for the turnaround

•    Problems connected with practical banking

•    Settlement of claims of deceased Deposit accounts

•    Deceased borrower accounts-Recovery

•    Advice on Risk Weighted Assets, Revaluation of Assets connected with CRAR

•    Amendment of by-laws

•    Advice connected with staff matters viz. promotion, probation, seniority, disciplinary action, feeder category sub-rule.


•    Turnaround strategy for loss-making PACS

•    Profitability of PACS

•    Amendments of Bye-Laws

•    Formation of the partnership of co-operatives

•    Diversification of business

•    Preparation of Sub-rules

•    New Deposit/Loan schemes

•    Probation/Promotion of Staff

•    Disciplinary Action

•    Non-credit activities- Turnaround Strategy

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